A simple app with a serious job. How do you keep track of the people who owe you money? Like many people, I entered that info into my notepad. Why is that bad? Well, for one, 30 seconds with your phone, and all your notes can be emailed to another email account for retrieval. Notes aren't secure, they aren't encrypted, and they aren't really structured right for the task. Cue LEDGR.

By creating an app - that manages a simple list, secures and locks that list down with a 4-digit passcode, time stamps all records, provides a total for Money In and Money Out, and for good measure, offers optional payment receipts, so both parties can have a record that the IOU is cleared - all of those issues have been addressed. For you to enjoy soon on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Client: Cocoa Studio, LLC.

Deliverables: User Experience, Wireframing, User Interface, Back-End Core Development, Front-End iOS Development, Web Design/Development