Beaux Mondes Salon & Spa Website

Version 2.0 of the Beaux Mondes website, both of which I designed and built. The most recent iteration was built using a PHP template system, based on the Workless Bootstrap. Keeping a minimalist approach, I aimed to design a neural theme with a common accent color. Having provided all of Beaux Mondes' printed materials as well, I chose the color scheme, which I used on everything including this website.

Ultimately, this website was designed to mirror (and elaborate on) the printed magalog in reference to typography, color and layout. Lastly, a Tumblr blog was embedded into one of the site's pages, allowing the client to post from any device with all the power of Tumblr.

Client: Beaux Mondes Salon & Spa

Deliverables: User Experience, Wireframing, User Interface, Web Design/Development

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