AutoBanc Brand Awareness Campaign

This is the marketing component of the AutoBanc UI project (see Related Projects). After building the Facebook app and developing the UX/UI, the next task was to let consumers know it existed. We ran a campaign with two emails and a final follow-up. This was accompanied by FinServ reps calling in between. The intention was to convert both new and existing customers into loan applicants.

Of course, the emailers and follow ups follow the same design motif as the UI and supporting graphics, for the sake of congruency. I worked with a developer to leverage MailChimp's new Mandrill API, allowing us to use their servers to push automated emails based on user actions taken within the Facebook app, or in conjunction with any of our emailers.

Client: xChange-FinServ

Deliverables: HTML Email Template Design/Development, Development of Screenshots and all Supporting Graphics, Marketing Message & Delivery, Ongoing Automated Management via custom MailChimp application (leveraging Mandrill API, SQL DB, and plenty of scripting).

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